Sukhanidra, Ayurvedic Sleep Therapy

Sukhanidra is a form of Ayurvedic treatment aimed at pacifying mind and to treat such conditions like insomnia (sleep deprivation), anxiety and depression.

Sukhanidra (sukanidra) means calm sleep or sound sleep.

Insomnia or lack of sleep is in fact a serious problem that can cause other disorders like anxiety and depression. A good night’s sleep can reduce anxiety and depression.

Sukha nidra treatment program is aimed at creating a pacifying environment to facilitate sleep. The treatments include body and head massage with medicated oils. Sirovasty, thalam, ksheera dhara, thaila dhara etc are employed.

The person is also given medicines to strengthen immune system and blood circulation. Yoga and meditation further pacifies the soul of the person. He or she will be able to sleep calmly at night, effectively reducing anxiety and stress related problems.

Sukhanidra (also spelt sukanidra, sukha nidra, suka nidra) treatment lasts for 7 to 21 days, during which the person is kept in a pacifying environment. The person receives full body medicated oil massage, head massage with medicated oil and spends time doing yoga and practicing meditation techniques.

A person can expect immediate positive results in the form of reduced stress, increased confidence, better immune system and calm sleep.

Nidra in Malayalam means sleep. This is a treatment aimed at ensuring calm, sound sleep to pacify troubled minds and souls. Though it appears to be a very simple treatment, the benefits are manifold. Seasoned Ayurveda practitioners in Kerala give good treatment for people from parts of Kerala, India and around the world.