Aphrodisiacs – From Ayurveda and Others

Humankind of all ages used some kind of aphrodisiacs, most of them, naturally herbs. It will be curious to have a look at the aphrodisiacs used in India and other parts of the world.

Milk, in normal cases is not regarded as an aphrodisiac. Yet again, the newly wed bride and groom share a glass of milk in the evening of their wedding day. The milk usually will be added with ground pepper, almond, honey or sugar. Vatsyayana in his world renowned text of Kamasutra suggests the use of fennel juice in milk. Milk provides the nutrients to the body and help the couple sustain their passion.

Egg yolk, is considered to be an aphrodisiac by Arabs. It is a natural symbol of fertility throughout the world. Egg yolk coupled with honey can sustain the power for longer times. There are Arab stories that tell about men that stayed on for about 41 days by taking just egg yolk and honey.

Hey, Honey. The reference here is real natural honey that bees collect from thousands of flowers. Honey is universal symbol of love. There will not be a place on earth’s face where the couples don’t address each other honey when they feel it.

“My Love is a Red Red Rose” who can forget this line by Robert Burns? Rose is real stimulant and enhancer of sex life. Aromatherapy uses the smell of rose flowers to create that soothing effect and calmness.

Shilajit is traditionally an important aphrodisiac in India that enhances passion and gives ‘power of a bull’ to men of any age.

Mucuna Pruriens (Naikkurana, Indian Ginseng, Goat Weed)
Viagra can be called artificial Naikkurana. This plant in the bean family is used by Indians for many centuries and now the world appraise the effectiveness of this herb. Though it is primarily a male sex stimulant women too use it. The results are visible in less than three weeks in the form of increased sexual desires, fuller and better erections, stamina, good general health, etc are the benefits of taking the seeds of this herb.

Chinese alternative for Naikkurana, this herb has a history of over 5000 years as an effective aphrodisiac. Roots are the main usable part.

Oh, Yeah! Pineapples have aphrodisiac properties. Take a glass of vitalizing pineapple juice everyday. To get the aphrodisiac effect, make a cocktail with some honey and a bit of rum.

Strawberry is sexy to feed and be fed. Choose dark red berries, that take you to high mountains of desire. It is rich in vitamin C, the visible effect is most prominent.

Betel Nut
Chewing of ripe betel nut collected from betel palm, along with betel leaves has a long history in India. It is a favorite pastime for both men and women. Both of them are offered to god and as dakshina to gurus at the start of education. Ayurveda considers betel nut as an aphrodisiac.

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    pls give some information about the use of Betel Nut in various medicines and from since when its being used in medicines.....

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  2. Anybody can advise how mucuna pruriens - naikurna parippu - can be processed effectively/scientifically


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    Yes, it can be processed effectively and scietifically. Go for products from reputed companies, but avoid the never-heard companies.


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