Kamasutra and Healthy Life: Why Releasing Sexual Energy is Important to Keep Mind and Body Healthy

Unfulfilled love is fatal – says Kamasutra. If a man or a woman doesn't get a chance of union after seeing and the liking the other person, it can cause them such symptoms like constant thinking about their subject, lose of sleep, emaciation, abstinence, shamelessness, madness, fainting and death – in that order. Kamasutra gives guidelines to avoid such miserable conditions and to fulfill their desires to stay physically healthy and mentally strong.

Recent researches conducted in the west on relationships also prove the point. These researches acknowledge 'suppressed sexual feelings cause schizophrenia'. This is because the suppressed sexual feelings are looking for a vent. Muslim religious texts too testify this point - if a man doesn't have the (financial) capabilities to marry a woman, he shall fast (to suppress his sexual desires).

The fear of society and lack of knowledge of sexuality of the other sex are the principle reasons of suppressed sexuality. The notion and societal programming that sex is wrong also counteracts on their minds. Even within married life, man and woman may be suppressing their sexual desires. This too is not healthy. These sexual feelings are like water in a reservoir – without a controlled opening, the dam can once collapse, causing huge lose to society.

Some interpreters put Kamasutra on yet another light too. That is putting Kama (fulfillment of lust) as one of the four steps of human life. The four stages are Dharma (good deeds), Artha (wealth acquired through dharma), Kama (lust fulfilled with Artha) and Moksha (ultimate salvation). They are of the opinion that kama is an important stage before salvation of soul.

The opposite of suppressed love (sex) is not uncontrolled erotica. Men and women need to take the measures to not suppress their feelings.

Though entirely different concept, there are similarities between Freudian and Kamasutra concepts of sex. Freud and Kamasutra acknowledge the importance of mentally fulfilling through sex. Not getting a chance to rightly use the sexuality of the person causes serious problems – modern research has reached up to effect of suppression of sex on cause of schizophrenia.

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